I'm Neeraj Malik, a passionate and empathetic product designer who believes in the transformative power of design. Coming from a background in the social development sector, I have always been driven to make a positive impact on people's lives. The world of UX design captured my heart, as it allowed me to merge my love for creativity with my desire to create meaningful experiences.

For me, UX design is more than just pixels and wireframes; it's about crafting seamless journeys that evoke emotions, spark joy, and solve real-world problems. With every project, I strive to deeply understand the needs and aspirations of users, ensuring that my designs resonate with them on a profound level.

Beyond aesthetics and functionality, my passion for UX design extends to social impact. I strive to create inclusive experiences, breaking down barriers and ensuring accessibility for all. With every project, I aim to tell a unique story, engage users on a deeper level, and make a positive difference in their lives.

In addition to my passion for UX design, I find joy in exploring various artistic outlets. Through dance, I discovered a powerful means of storytelling, a way to convey emotions and narratives that words alone could never capture. Yoga is another practice that nourishes my mind and body, providing a sense of balance and mindfulness in my life.

Let’s together create designs that not only make tasks easier but also evoke a sense of wonder, curiosity, and delight.

  • ATE Chandra Foundation

    Assistant manager , COE- Social sector capacity building

    Aug 2021- Sept 2022

  • Piramal Foundation

    Program manager , COE- Teacher and Headmaster leadership

    Jul 2019- Jul 2021

  • Piramal Foundation

    Program leader , COE- Teacher and Headmaster leadership

    Jun 2016- Jun 2019

  • Kaivalya Education Foundation

    Gandhi Fellow , Principal Leadership Development program

    Jul 2014- May 2016

  • Pratham

    Intern , Literacy program

    May 2014- Jun 2014

  • Google

    UX Design Professional Certificate

    Dec 2022 - Jun 2023


    Master of Arts in Economics

    Jul 2020

  • Department of Physics, Delhi University

    Master of science in Physics

    Jul 2014

  • Department of Physics, Delhi University

    Bachelors of science in Physics

    Jul 2012

Technical skills


Adobe XD






Microsoft Office

Google workspace

Design skills

Concept Development

Design Thinking process

User research

Design system

Visual design


Interactive prototyping

Usability testing

Creative Strategy

Instructional design

Affinity diagramming


Style guide

User flow


    Fundamentals of System Dynamics Modeling

    March 2022

  • Centre for Civil Society

    Education policy-ideas & perspectives

    March 2020

  • Azim Premji University

    Designing and Facilitating Effective Learning Experiences

    May 2018

  • IIM Ahmedabad

    Winter school ‘Social change and public policy’

    Jan 2015


    Assistant Lecturer ship in Economics

    March 2022

  • Gandhi Fellowship (2014-16)

    Featured in Fellowship impact documentary